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Top Game Feeders and Trail Cameras You Need to Have in 2019

Game Feeders & Trail Cameras - Get Your Guns America


Game hunters and observers have three things in common: trail cameras, game feeders, and of course, game. Irrespective of your targets, these gadgets are efficient in getting your prey close enough to hunt or study.

The allure of free corn and protein supplements is enough to drive both your prey and unwanted animals to your feeder. Therefore, you need deer feeders and trail cameras that can withstand the elements and also function independently.

Before we proceed on this, let's have a short introduction to game feeders

What are Deer Feeders and Trail Cameras?

Deer feeders are basically contraptions used in distributing food to deer. Although most people generally think of the conventional hanging deer stand, there are now automatic deer feeders that are timed to distribute feeds at certain times of the day.

These automatic deer feeders for sale usually come with solar rechargeable battery packs for a longer duration.

Trail Cameras, on the other hand, is an indispensable tool. They are used to not only record game movements but also to draw a pattern for their hunting trail. In fact, most hunting trail cameras come with motion sensors and starts recording once it detects movements.

In addition to this, some are even equipped with cool recording settings such as time-lapse. To help you make better choices when it comes to these gadgets, we've created a list of top Game feeders and trail cameras in our online store; GetYourGunsAmerica.

1. List of Top Game Feeders

Moultrie Feeder Kit Pro Hunter W/6 Times Digital Counter

Let's start with the Moultrie Feeder, an efficient cast feeder with a 6 Times-a-day feed counter. This hanging deer stand casts feed in a 30 - foot radius, hence, it maximizes the feeding efficiency. More so, it reduces the risk of the nose to nose infection common in Deer.

In addition to this, it comes with a pro-lock mechanism that prevents the entry of varmints. We would advise you to procure a Moultrie varmint guard to effectively keep those little buggers away. The Moultrie also features a 6V battery. It is, however, important to have a Moultrie Battery Rechargeable pack.

American Hunter Feeder Hanging 50 lb Metal Hopper

Deer are sometimes spooked by game feeders. Therefore, the American Hunter feed with its camouflaged build is your best option to avoid spooking the game. With a 50lb capacity, this device is suitable for long term usage.

More so, it comes with 1 - 24 feed counter and an adjustable feed rate of 30 seconds, to provide a constant supply of feed all day. Although it has a 6V battery pack, it's important to procure American Hunter Rechargeable 12V battery or the 6V version. To save yourself from the stress of constant battery replacement, you can purchase the MoultrieSolar Power Panel.

2. List of Top Trail Cameras

Spartan Camera Blackout 8MP 720 HD Trail Camera

With a solid compact build, the Spartan Camera is efficient and can withstand external environment conditions. In fact, it's camouflaged exterior enables it to blend in with the environment, thereby free from animal attacks. For optimum protection, purchase the Convert Camera Bear Safe.

This camera is powered with two 12 AA batteries to support long recording hours. In addition to this, it has wireless connectivity that enables you to connect with your smartphone anywhere you are. Want more storage space for this device? You can purchase the Convert Camera.

Finally! This hunting trail camera definitely stands in a niche of its own. Its 12MP camera can track and pinpoint deer around the game feeder. Furthermore, the Convert Camera has an invisible flash technology and a hundred-foot range. What's more? You can store lots of video coverage via its 32GB or 16GB memory capacity.

Wrapping Up

Wildlife exploration and deer hunting has never been easier with these two gadgets - deer feeders and trail cameras. With these featured products from our online stores, you can study and trail deer movements effectively.

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