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Camping is incomplete without proper food and lighting!

camping gear blog

People around the world are crazy about camping. Who doesn’t love to explore the unexplored? Camping is one of the most adventurous things to do. Setting up a tent in the middle of woods or hilly areas sounds exciting, isn’t it? But, in order to uplift your camping experience, it is necessary to take proper accessories with you. This includes food, first-aid, lighting accessories and most importantly camping stove equipment to cook yourself a delicious meal.

How to find the best camping equipment for cooking?

There is a number of online stores out there offering high-end camping equipment supplies. But, there is a number of factors that must be considered prior to buy a portable camping gas cooker, burner or grill. Let’s discuss the things that must be taken into consideration:


There are various camping brands like Coleman that offer one, two and multiple burner camping stoves. The decision of buying depends on the number of people you are cooking for. If you're solo packing, a camping stove with one or two burners may do but if you intend to go camping with the whole family or plan to have a camping cook feast with a bunch of friends, go for a camping stove that has two or more burners to save time cooking. You may buy a camping burner and grill if you go solo and a portable camping gas cooker if your family or friends are along with you.

Type of Fuel

The next thing to consider is the type of fuel you'll want to use. Camping burners and stove use different fuels such as propane, white gas, unleaded gas, butane or kerosene. People who frequently go out for camping mostly recommended using either propane or white gas only.

The maximum amount of heat is produced by white gas and it is the more environment-friendly choice for it burns cleanly without any odour or effect on food taste as well as produces less waste. Compact gas stove camping includes the type of fuel that is easy to carry, economical, and easily available.

The next option is propane stoves. These are simpler and more easy to use, but weigh a lot heavier compared with white gas. But propane Coleman camping stoves are also great choices because of their easiness to operate and ignite, and good performance in warm climates and at low elevations. Most Coleman camping stoves powered with propane fuel even have electronic ignitions to save time and energy.

Now, let’s talk about lighting.

It is very important to have proper lighting equipment when you go camping because you don’t want yourself to get caught in the dark out there! An extensive range of electrical light accessories can be explored at the renowned online stores. You can choose according to your need and requirement and order the best lighting equipment online.

Those who are passionate about camping do not go out for a couple of days; they spend a lot more time out in the beauty of nature. Camping is a fun activity and can be enjoyed by everyone, provided you have the right camping equipment to spend your night and time at the campsites. Keeping your camp area lit up at night is an important factor. So, the best thing to do is to explore the top-notch lighting accessories online at well-renowned camping gear supplier.

Gas Lighting

Gas lighting is typically used for camping as it is convenient, versatile and economical. They are easy to carry around and can lit-up your cam with brightness. Gas camping lights are available in different power outputs and styles. They can be attached to different kind cylinders depending on their use.

Cartridge Style Gas Lamps

They are easy to move around, they have a steel body for extra protection and the cartridges just screw in. The difference between the two lamps is that the one light up the area around it and the other works like a torch and shines the light in a certain direction.

LED Lights/ Torches

Nowadays, LED lights are available in the market. These are innovative lights that offer more light and consume less power. They can be operated through batteries and are definitely easy to carry around during a walk out in the woods.

Conclusively, camping is incomplete without proper camping equipment and that too the portable stove and lighting accessories. If you are planning your to go out camping this vacation then don’t forget to visit the best camping gear supplier that will help you buy the things that will make your camping experience smooth and memorable!

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