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10 Survival Tips for Camping-Tools and Accessories

camping gear

Camping can be a very fun way to spend time with family or friends, and it is an excellent way to enjoy a nature. However, there are a lot of dangers out in the woods, and those who aren’t familiar or accustomed to spending time in the wilderness can find themselves in a dangerous situation quite quickly. It is important that a person has the proper camping tools and accessories before setting off on an outdoor adventure. This article will give you 10 survival tips for having a fun and safe camping trip. You will find information on what type of survival equipment you may need to be prepared for the various situations that may arise.

#1 Understanding How to Navigate

When wandering around in the woods or other natural spaces, it is very likely that you will leave the marked to trails at some point. It is important that you understand how to navigate when there are no signs or GPS at your disposal. Learning to use a compass is extremely important, and it is a skill that most people do not possess. However, it is one that can be easily learned. In fact, many outdoor supply stores, such as REI, offer classes on navigation and using a compass. A good quality compass is one of the best camping accessories you can take with you when heading out into nature.

#2 Identifying Plants

When you begin shopping for outdoor camping accessories, you may want to add a book about identifying plants to your shopping list. While there are plenty of plants that are safe to nibble on, there are just as many that could cause uncomfortable situations. It is best to know the basics about the plants you may encounter in the area where you will be doing your camping. Many of them can cause rashes and some can even be extremely dangerous to your health. Never eat anything that you aren’t 100% sure is edible.

#3 Finding Water to Drink

Before you set off into the wilderness, it is important that you have a proper supply of water. Humans can only go about two days without clean water to drink, but it would be best if you could stay properly hydrated on your camping excursion. Even with the best camping accessories, there is only so much water you can feasibly carry with you. If you are planning on staying out in the woods for an extended period, you will need to find water that you can drink. Established campsites may have a source of clean, running water, but if not, you will need to purify any water that you gather from lakes, rivers, or streams. Boiling the water is often enough, but you can also find water purifying kits at outdoor supply stores or places that sell camping accessories online.

#4 Finding Good Firewood

When you want to build a campfire, not just any wood will do. You need the stuff that is old and dry, which is why many campers look for dead trees or limbs that have fallen to the ground. If it has recently rained in the area, it may be difficult to find wood that will burn. If there are birch trees in the area, their bark generally burns well, even if it has rained for a few days.

#5 Building a Fire

Once you have collected your firewood, it is time to build that fire. It is a good idea that you practice starting a campfire before you leave on your camping trip if it is something that you have never done before. This is another one of those skills that are crucial, and just like the navigation classes, there are probably classes on starting a proper campfire at your local outdoor supply store. In fact, you may also be able to find a flint set in the camping tools and accessories aisle that will allow you to start a fire even without matches.

#6 Fishing

If you will be camping near a river or a lake, you may want to add some fishing gear to your camping survival equipment list. Being able to catch a fish is a great skill to have because it means you won’t starve while out in the wild. Even if a rainstorm ruins all of your snacks or a bear breaks into your food supply. (Actually, if bears could be a problem, you should add a bear canister to your survival equipment as list as well!)

#7 Basic First Aid

When you are shopping for camping accessories online or in the outdoor supply store, you need to add a first aid kit to your list because there is always the possibility that someone in your group will take a tumble. Knowing how to administer basic first aid is a real boon when you are camping because there are so many injuries that could occur. You will be quite far from any medical facilities so it can be important that you know how to act quickly when you or someone else is injured.

#8 Creating a Shelter

One of the key outdoor camping accessories you are likely to purchase is your tent. Before you head out on your camping trip, it is important that you practice setting up your tent, even if you just do it in your living room. While it may seem intuitive or like the directions are clear, it is better to get the hands-on practice from the safety of your own home. Depending on where you purchase your camping tools and accessories, the store associates may be able to demonstrate how the tent is supposed to be set up, which can be very helpful.

#9 Staying Warm

If you are camping in the fall or winter, staying warm will be an important factor to consider. The best camping accessories and sleeping bags will have temperature ratings that describe how much cold they can protect you from. Make sure to choose carefully because you could risk hypothermia if you are camping in a very cold and harsh environment. If you are unsure which sleeping bags will be best suited for your trip, you can read camping accessories online reviews or discuss sleeping bag options with the outdoor supply store associate.

#10 Learning to Adapt

The number one piece of advice that we can give is to remind you that no matter what camping tools and accessories you bring with you, there is always the possibility that things won’t go as planned. Camping in the great outdoors can be unpredictable. While it is always best to be prepared with the proper survival equipment, you need to be flexible and consider novel ways that you can use your outdoor camping accessories in any given situation.

Look for the best camping accessories that you can afford, and make sure that you get all the essential survival equipment such as water purifiers, appropriate sleeping bags, and a good-quality tent. With all the basics, you can have a very fun trip. Just remember to adapt when needed, and don’t eat any plants you don’t recognize. Now get out there and explore!

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