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Becoming a preferred FFL dealer

If you would like to become a preferred FFL dealer, please submit the following information:

  1. A .pdf or scanned image of your SIGNED FFL license.
  2. Your contact email address.
    • Once your contact email is in our system, we will automatically send you email notification upon shipment of the firearms.  When possible, we will also include the serial numbers of the firearms.
  3. Your transfer fees or other notes.  This could include any multiple firearm transfer discounts you may offer.

Submit all above information to: admin@getyourgunsamerica.com

Once we have received your information we will get it entered into our system ASAP.

Why become a preferred dealer?

Becoming a preferred FFL dealer has its advantages:

  1. Get up to date notifications when products ship, no more surprises
    • For your conveinince we only share tracking related info with the dealer so that you can make proper arrangements and allow you to control the communicatio with the customer
  2. Easy way to generate extra revenue
  3. You will have customer and product information to begin the 4473 and A&D process in advance
  4. We will highlight your FFL in our checkout process so you will be more noticed