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Smith & Wesson .40 Caliber Handguns to Consider

.40 Caliber Handguns

There are some companies whose names are synonymous with firearms manufacturing and that have been for well over a century. Smith & Wesson is one of those names. The brand that people have come to know and love over the years started in 1852 in Springfield, MA. However, even though they have been around for more than 170 years, the .40 caliber cartridge was not created until 1990. In the past three decades, though, the round and the .40 caliber handguns that use them have become some of the most popular options on the market.

While there are many manufacturers that make the .40 caliber handgun today, Smith & Wesson is truly one of the best and most well-known. They are some of the most popular and best handguns for self-defense. Below, we will be looking at some brief .40 handgun reviews from some of the best .40 caliber handguns from S&W. One of these could be just what you have been hoping to find among the .40 caliber handguns for sale.

S&W SD40

Here is a quality 4” semiauto handgun that has a polymer frame and a satin nickel finish. It also features a rugged polymer grip and fixed sights. This .40 caliber handgun comes with two magazines, each of which is capable of holding 16 rounds. This handgun only weights 22.18 oz. It is a reliable handgun that is known to be accurate. In addition, you can find it available in several different color combinations, including those that have a black polymer frame and grip, a gray frame and grip, and an earth tone frame and grip with a black slide. All are quality choices that are reliable. The color options simply give the buyer more choice in their aesthetics with their .40 caliber handgun.

S&W Shield M&P40

Here is one of the best .40 caliber handguns for the price. It features one seven-round magazine and one six-round magazine. The handgun features a durable polymer grip and frame and a beautiful black finish. The .40 caliber handguns for sale have a thumb safety, as well as a green fiber optic front sight and a red fiber optic rear sight. This could be considered one of the best .40 compact handguns, as well, as it weighs only 20.37 ounces.

S&W M&P40 M2.0 Compact

Here’s another one of the best .40 compact handguns on the market. This pistol features a 4” stainless steel barrel with an Armornite finish. It offers a white dot front sight, a white two-dot rear sight, and a polymer grip along with interchangeable inserts. The handgun has a thumb safety, it comes with two magazines that can hold 13 rounds each, and it has a durable polymer grip. One of the advantages of this .40 caliber handgun is the fact that the thumb safety is ambidextrous. There are many features to like about this handgun, including the accuracy and ease of use.

Going Outside of S&W to Find a .40 Caliber Handgun

Smith & Wesson is certainly not the only company from which you can choose your handgun. You will find a wealth of other options readily available for your .40 caliber handgun. There are plenty of great .40 caliber handguns for sale from other manufacturers. Some of the other manufacturers on the market include Taurus and Hi-Point. Whether you are looking for the best handgun for self-defense or the best .40 compact handguns, options are available.

What’s Right for You?

Smith & Wesson has a long history of manufacturing high-quality firearms, including some of the best .40 caliber handguns you can find. This includes some of the best. 40 compact handguns for those who are looking for a smaller sidearm that could be carried with a concealed permit. Before you choose any of the .40 caliber handguns you are considering, take the time to think about what you need and what you
will be able to afford. Make sure it is the right choice and choose your .40 caliber handgun so you can have one of the best handguns for self-defense.

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