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Florida Restrictions


We will not ship firearms to a third party to be modified or changed in any way from manufactured specifications. The firearm you purchase must be compliant AS IS from the manufacturer before we will ship.

Information regarding State and local restrictions, laws and ordinances presented on this page is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the present time. Laws and ordinances for firearms, ammunition, and certain other items are however, subject to change, without notice to us.

All Firearms

For all handguns, long guns and “other” firearms (e.g. pistol-grip firearms expelling a shotgun shell, stripped receivers, frames, etc.), purchasers must be minimum age of 21 (also see Law Enforcement exemptions).

Law Enforcement Exemptions

The following are exempt from minimum age 21 for Long gun transfers:

  •  Law Enforcement officers, Corrections, Active Military as defined in Florida Statutes 943.10 (1), (2), (3), (6), (7), (8), or (9) see here.


  • a service member as defined in s.250.01 see here.


are EXEMPT from long gun (only) restriction minimum age of 21.

  • (“Handguns” and “Other” firearms must still be minimum age 21 for transfer).